Learn about our activites and events on and off campus!

General Meetings

We have several general meetings throughout the year where we discuss upcoming events, eat Filipino food, and hang out! Like us on Facebook to stay updated!

Family Dinners

Eat with us at our family dinners! Every week (either Tuesday or Wednesday) we get together for dinner and invite all BUFSA members to join us. Eating locations are either at a BU dining hall, the GSU, or a nearby restaurant!

Big/Little Program

Our Big/Little program provides mentoring relationships within BUFSA by matching lower classmen with upperclassmen. "Littles" get a "big" to learn from and look up to, while "bigs" get the chance to guide young students and foster a sense of collegiality.

ISA: The World is One

Our annual Dance showcase, ISA, is the largest and longest running multi-cultural show at Boston University. Our members learn to dance the traditional folk dances of the Philippines and perform them at the Tsai Performance Center every year. Dances include Tinikling, Singkil, Sayaw Sa Bangko, Maglalatik, and more!


Kamayan is a dance showcase for District 1 that features performances by the Filipino clubs of colleges in the greater Boston area. These colleges include Boston University, Boston College, Northeasern University, Harvard, Wellesley, Brown University, and University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Intramural Sports

We take part in the intramural sports held at the BU Fitness & Recreation Center. Join BUFSA's team as we compete in soccer, volleyball, and more!